American Debt Trends Leading Toward a Need for More Senior Citizen Jobs

Mount Jackson, VA (PRWEB) November 15, 2007

Mike Peterson sees lots of individuals and families of every income level who simply don’t have enough money. Peterson is the co-founder of The American Credit Foundation and author of the recent book “Reality Millionaire: Proven Tips to Retire Rich.”

According to a survey published by Pew Research Center in September 2006, more than three quarters of today’s workers (77%) expect to work for pay even after they retire. This expectation contrasts strongly with the experiences of people who are already retired – just 12% of whom are currently working for pay (either part or full time), according to the Pew survey.

“I see people everyday who are absolutely miserable because they don’t make enough money,” says Peterson. “What might shock you is that when you look at their incomes, they range from as little as $ 20,000 per year up to as much as $ 250,000 per year, yet they all have the same problem. Not enough money.”

Two of the big problem causes that Peterson sees is that not enough people are in control of their finances and that not enough Americans in particular understand what credit and debt really mean to their futures.

There are two main factors with the first problem. Oftentimes with a married couple, one of the partners handles the finances and the other is blissfully unaware of either their current standing or their future outlook. Also, according to Peterson, “The average American Family cannot account for 10-15% of their income.”

Credit really is a misnomer, warns Peterson. If the common term ‘credit card’ were switched with ‘convenient debt trap’ people might be a little less excited about using (or more often, misusing) them.

People are lured into debt with the idea of instant gratification and a lack of understanding of how the numbers work against them.
In his book, “Reality Millionaire”, Peterson uses an example of a stereo system purchased on store credit that will cost the buyer more than three times its price tag ended 37 years. That’s a long time for even a top of the rimming stereo system to remain in working condition.

Peterson has identified a few of the mindsets he believing are part of the trend of increasing financial problems causing seniors to forego retirement:

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Your Millionaire Mindset

Your Millionaire Mindset

Article by F. Kuhn

“Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as swell put that passing time to the better possible use.” Earl Nightingale

The idea behind wealth is creating income. Are you happy with your current income. Probably not. You are probably working for a living rather than living your life the way you’ve always dreamed.

Have you ever wondered why this is so?

Do you believe money is evil? Do you believe you deserve to be wealthy? Do you think that if you have money, you can’t be spiritual? These are only concepts and not reality.

Clearly this person is carrying around a mental image that says: “If you have a lot of money, you’ll be ruined by it and you don’t want that. So, it is better to be poor than seek wealth.”

Such thinking causes, yeah you guessed it, a lack of money.

Get rid of these thoughts if you want to be wealthy. The Law of Abundance says that wealth is created first in the mind.

Do you have a wealthy self image of yourself?

People who can’t imagine themselves wealthy are not yet ready to become wealthy.

If you can’t “see” yourself with money, then your subconscious doesn’t have a clear picture of how to act and can’t help you get there. As a matter of fact, whatever picture you hold of yourself in your subconscious mind, is what your mind is busy creating. Create positive images and thoughts of yourself and let that subconscious mind create what you want manifested.

If you want to free yourself from financial troubles, then start putting a portion of your money into a special account. Save 10% in savings, 10% in investments and 10% for charities if you can. Otherwise, save something at the end of each month. Look at your expenses every month. Do you eat out a lot. Are there ways you can cut out unimportant expenses every month.

If your work is not bringing in enough money, increase and maximize the money you do get every month

The most common excuse among passive people is they claim lack of time and opportunity. Research, shows there are more opportunities available every day for populate to develop their abilities, win and achieve success in than ever before.

You just can’t be passive. Action is the key.

How do you get that millionaire mindset? Free Ebook shows you how.

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Multiple Streams of Income – The Truth About 2nd Income Stream

Multiple Streams of Income - The Truth About 2nd Income Stream – One of the most important parts of personal development is wealth creation. It’s an undeniable fact that financial wealth plays a role in your total success and this video explains the truth about second income stream and how it should be ‘created’.

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SECRET ATTRACTION “The Magic Diamond” Guided LOA Meditation

Our new channel: iTunes Link: WARNING: The results of this seemingly innocent guided meditation video ( Bubbilicus-Transparicus ) have already proven unbelievably miraculous for one of our viewers. Take note of what happens in your life soon after experiencing this powerful presentation. It may very well blow your mind and prove life changing. Turn your speakers and or headphones on to a comfortable level… now! Bubbilicus-Transparicus and the other works of the independent musician CHROMATICUS, are available through Apple iTunes. NOTE: You must use the techniques outlined in the secret and the general rules of the LOA to encourage the magic of this guided meditation to transform your life. Best wishes, ~UU:) NOTE: All content within this video experience has been created by the uploader/producer of this work. With the exception of the 100% fully, legally licensed Earth / Space image at the very beginning of this video which has the following licensing details adherent to it: © image item #: 31862 @ / Licensed through Marcusunlimited

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The Law of Attraction, Improving One’s Llife Using The Law of Atrraction

The Law of Attraction, Improving One’s Llife Using The Law of Atrraction

Article by Fred Cooke

I think therefore I am, Rene Descartes said. We become what we are as what we perceive in ourselves; that is the general truth behind the law of attraction. The law of attraction states that by coaching our subconscious mind and constant visualization we will get whatever we desire and thereby make the universe respond by delivering to us the things we wanted. Some people sat that the law is never true since most of us people are negative thinkers. We cannot easily decide want we want in life, affirm, and visualize without negative thoughts that coming out from our mind.A lot of people believe that applying the law of attraction in life means great improvement in our ways of living. Teens study and use the law of attraction because many believe that this law can attract whoever they like. There are books that state the tips that they should follow to make their crushes fall for them. Some teenagers succeed, some did not. In health science, the law of attraction is also interpreted. Some medical doctors believe that there is a great chance of cure when the patient fight the disease using the law of attraction, however many professionals did not fully embrace the idea. In the business world, some business men use the law of attraction to double or triple their money by just focusing into one goal which is to have more money. This metaphysical new thought belief that “like attracts like” is scattered all over the world and some people are discovering it also. There are some people whom I have known personally that pays a lot of money just to know how the law of attraction the law of attraction works. Using this law to your life does not need to be very hard and costly. The real deal is that there a lot of things that you can do that will definitely have a positive impact on your life. Below are some very helpful Law of attraction techniques that will surely change your life.Focus on your Goal Focusing on your goal in life is one of the very vital tactics that you must do when you are dealing with the law of attraction. Not focusing on your ambitions will lead to distractions in life, so you must keep your eye on the things that you want to achieve. A Positive AttitudeOne of the simplest methods is to maintain a positive outlook. Using the law og attraction,There is a good chance that it will attract other effects, positive people, and positive vibes. When you have a positive attitude, you will see things in positive ways. Even things are not going good to your life; you always think there are better ahead.VisualizationTo make a mental picture of the things that you want to achieve is another essential technique. It is important that you visualize the kind of person you want to be in your life. Picture yourself that you have achieved your dreams and are enjoying it. You must remember that you can never reach your goal if you don’t have any solid plan and an idea of the direction that you are taking.

The Law of Attraction Mastermind is a members-only covered intended to assist the most dedicated Law of Attraction students attain Manifestation Mastery. The world’s most accomplished LOA Masters have banded together that will help others.

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The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction

The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction

Arielle Ford, the woman who helped launch the careers of Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, and Jack Canfield, shows readers how to take control of their romantic destiny in The Soulmate Secret. In this white magic counterpart to Neil Strauss’s Rules of the Game, Ford teaches you to use the laws of attraction to deliver your soulmate to your doorstep! It’s is a step-by-step guide to finding your own happily ever after.

List Price: $ 15.99 Price: $ 8.43

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The Law of Attraction, Plain and Simple: Create the Extraordinary Life That You Deserve

The Law of Attraction, Plain and Simple: Create the Extraordinary Life That You Deserve

  • ISBN13: 9781571746122
  • Notes: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold!
Readers of The Law of Attraction, Plain and Simple can live the life of their dreams, their "greatest life," by applying Sonia Ricotti's eleven simple steps to enjoy freedom and inner peace in every area of life.The Law of Attraction states that we attract into our lives what we project into the universe. Written in concise, plain English and filled with stories, tips, and exercises, this book helps readers shift their thoughts, language, and emotions to emit positive vibrations and attract all

List Price: $ 10.00 Price: $ 4.92

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Do You Think Rich? – How to Create A Millionaire Mindset

Do You Think Rich? – How to Create A Millionaire Mindset

Article by Diana Long

Have you ever noticed that the people who speak most of wealth, health, and good times are indeed experiencing this kind of abundance in their own lives?

And those who speak most of poor health, money problems, and relationship issues tend to have a lot of these unfortunate circumstances active in their lives?

The key element here is what your focus is actually on. What kind of “story” do you speak of when it comes to your finances, your body weight, or relationships?

What’s your “mind’s” relationship to money? To vibrant health? To harmonious and productive relationships?

Does your mind believe that you can experience all the “good stuff” or do you find yourself constantly reminding yourself of “how things are”? Are you too realistic for your own good?! Be honest. What are the quality and type of thoughts you think day in and day out? Here’s my Coaching Challenge for You -

Track your thoughts for 7 days. Yep, for the next 7 days pay close attention to what flies out of your mouth when you are discussing “hot topics” in your life e.g. your finances, your health and fitness, your relationships, your business.

Be a sleuth…Notice what you say both out loud and in the comfort of your head/mind.

You will quickly discover what you really believe about how much money you feel you can earn, how much business you can bring in, your true feelings about managing your weight, and what your beliefs are about happy, harmonious relationships.

I would go so far as to say what you believe is what you experience in your life.

In fact, your life up to this precise moment is a reflection of your deeply held beliefs.

Here’s big news…many of those beliefs are outdated and extremely limited! Time to stop short changing yourself and begin scripting a new “story” of what you really DO WANT! If you really want to achieve your goals and dreams, it’s time for you to eliminate those pesky, self- defeating thoughts.

Become master of the domain of your thoughts by consciously, deliberately plucking them from your mindset and your speech.

This week decide to speak only of what you’d like to create more of. If you find yourself speaking of negative circumstances, STOP!

Ask yourself is this what I want to create?

I promise you more money, more opportunities, more life satisfaction and more success will be yours – learn to tell a “new rich story” and your life will QUICKLY reflect this.

Enjoy your new rich life. It all starts with the quality of your thoughts!

Success Coach and Speaker, Diana Long, is the President of the Life Design Institute. Learn more about Diana and receive your FREE Report,” 3 Huge Mistakes People Like You Make to Sabotage Their Success & How You Can Completely Avoid Them!” and Free subscription to “Life Design Secrets” e-newsletter, please visit

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How to Develop Your Millionaire Mindset

How to Develop Your Millionaire Mindset

Article by Brigitte Mehr

Last night I read another of Mike Dillard’s excellent essays titled ‘World War 2 Never Happened, And I Will Prove It’. In his essay Mike discusses how your success is down to just 1 thing – YOU and your mindset/belief systems. Unless your head is in the right place, your mind set to ‘success’ & your financial thermostat set to ‘hot’, the success you desire will never be yours. We all create our own realities & rules & where we are right now is a reflection of choices we have made (both good & bad). So, if you are looking around your self now thinking things are not too good, remember that you are responsible for creating it. Your current reality is just a reflection of the way you truly view yourself deep down inside. Your personal reality is limited by your rules & you & only you have the choice to make changes. You have the power to completely change & create the rules you live by, so what may have seemed impossible just a few minutes ago can be possible right now – if you choose to change the rules.

As you begin to change & grow then your beliefs will grow & evolve with you. You will begin to seek out new ideas & strategies & will choose to mix with different people. Remember, successful people do not choose to hang out with failures, they hang out with other successful people. So, begin to mix with the type of people who you are beginning to become – let some of their magic dust sprinkle over you just like tinkerbell in Peter Pan. Adopt the rules these people work & live by, read & listen to what they have to say. Become that person.

You will find that opportunities & possibilities will begin to open up to you as your beliefs change & you become the person you truly deserve to be. But, remember your subconscious beliefs have to change first before the reality can follow & only once your new set of beliefs becomes stronger than your current ones will your world & reality change. Only then, will more opportunities than you ever dreamed of open up to you & you will have the reality of your dreams. Brigitte Mehr is an International Internet Marketing Trainer & Coach Subscribe to her blog at

Brigitte Mehr is an international Internet Marketing Trainer & Coach Subscribe to her blog at

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The Ssese Principles: Guidelines for Creating Wealth Through Faith

The Ssese Principles: Guidelines for Creating Wealth Through Faith

  • Used Book in Good Condition
Click this link to read a review of The Ssese Principles. The Ssese Principles: Guidelines for Creating Wealth Through Faith reveals the rarely discussed business and wealth creation wisdom embedded within the Bible. Author Robert L. Wallace, a successful entrepreneur and international speaker, explains that, contrary to what many of us have been led to believe, not only is God not against us creating wealth, He actually provides the roadmap for how to achieve it! In an inspiring, easy-to-read b

List Price: $ 13.95 Price: $ 12.41

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