Design by the Book – Episode 3

The New York Public Library holds a wealth of unexpected sources of inspiration for artists and designers—from vintage valentines and textile patterns, to fabric samples and turn-of-the-century menus from around the world. For this online-only miniseries, “Design by the Book,” the Library partnered with the leading design blog Design*Sponge to invite five New York City-based artists to sift through our collections in search of inspiration. Stay tuned for future episodes as the artists, who range from a glassblower to a letterpress printer, create unique works inspired by what they found. The artists are: Lorena Barrezueta, Rebecca Kutys, Mike Perry, John Pomp and Julia Rothman. Music by Clear Tigers. Visit for more information.

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11 Responses to Design by the Book – Episode 3

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  7. LeeLooMinaeSebat says:

    This is amazing.. filled me with a fever to create something myself also.

  8. planarexplosion says:

    wow that chick is cuuute.

  9. upheaval10 says:

    wonderful to see and hear the artists talk about process..a great library or any library is a natural place to refresh/feed the creative force..hats off to Design Sponge..I am sure these artists will return to NYPL thruout their careers.

  10. Fuchsia5 says:

    Those are very inspirational videos and I just hope to see more of these artists’s doings :)

  11. artyowza says:


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