#1 Secret To Creating Massive Wealth

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25 Responses to #1 Secret To Creating Massive Wealth

  1. Fcc2274 says:

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  2. LKJPDUR says:

    O my God. This video is something.

  3. shereese1000 says:

    I was at Navy Pier and the traffic guy said that money would be the answer to all of his problems. What problem do i have now just thinking out the fun i would have and all the things i would do like leave 10 dollar tips for the tour guide when he did realy good and play a really good blues tune on the harmonica. thats living the living the life.

  4. GDIMakeMoneyFast says:

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  5. josadav says:

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  6. flamenod says:

    Thanks, this video actually helped one person (me). 2 years ago I looked at this vid because I was sort of sad. It was tough getting a job because of the low grades I had. Then this vid made me remember that playing music does not require good grades, you just had to sound good. So I tried to find places where I could play jazz. I raised up enough money to go to college and took degrees on music and saxophone =D thx

  7. 1500swinger says:

    So how’s that working out for ya! lol

  8. Kadda1234 says:

    @notforthegenrlpublic I happen to know quite a lot about things like that, reason being I’m going to university and I know how these things are done because I’ve written an article about it as homework.
    Does the word snowball riing any bells?

  9. Magisterspiral says:

    @notforthegenrlpublic Maybe you’re on commission, so you’re hyping this up, desperate to feed your kids. That’s no reason to resort to personal insults. I have worked with financial derivatives and understand economics and the market, as well as the reasons for the recession. My remarks are not a knee-jerk reaction, and state the facts. They are not personal opinion , hypothesis or conjecture. If you were ‘super-wealthy, you wouldn’t be posting this drivel yourself.

  10. notforthegenrlpublic says:

    @Kadda1234 ………Sounds like your’e a real intellect!!
    Please leave more insightful comments for us all to reflect on!!

  11. notforthegenrlpublic says:

    @Magisterspiral ……wow….your knee-jerk response was just riveting!!!! Why don’t you and Kadda1234 just stick to your jobs at Walmart and the car wash and
    stop viewing youtube videos and leaving pithy comments that nobody is interested
    in seeing.

  12. Magisterspiral says:

    It was people wanting to invest in property and being unable to cover the costs that caused the sub-prime mortgages and the collapse of the global economy?

    So Kadda1234 is right. This is bullshit.

  13. SwissProsperity says:


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  14. Kadda1234 says:


  15. alleku70 says:

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  16. CassidyForester1 says:

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  17. Softwarebillions1 says:

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  18. CMKify says:

    you should leave any negative images like the crappy houses or the poverty messages. that just reminds us to think of poverty instead of prosperity. but other than that, its still a great video.=)

  19. secretchordstudio says:

    @miiszkaylaax thanks!!

  20. miiszkaylaax says:

    Ottmar Liebert – Barcelona nights

  21. dabelpablito says:

    Please let me know what style of music or song it is Thanx

  22. InvestRealty says:

    You guys better be excited because we are releasing 2 new wealth creation videos today!


  23. secretchordstudio says:

    please let me know which music this is amazing video btw:D

  24. richtawee2007 says:


  25. dsa8 says:

    Probably one of the most important videos of our time.
    Must watch

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