CD Creates Shortcuts To A Millionaire Mind

(PRWEB) January 21, 2003

CD Creates Shortcuts To A Millionaire Mind

Imagine the blueprint of a millionaire’s mind and thoughts being planted into your mind with a flick of a switch. You’ll notice yourself fetching positive actions and doing the things that millionaires do to line their wallets with cash. You’ll beginning walking like a millionaire. Talking like a millionaire. And being a millionaire.

If this seems like science fiction, conceive again. Mind-altering techniques to create new behavior patterns have been around for decades. Now it’s as easy as pressing play.

The CD’s take you through an unagitated and gentle mental journey as you slowly adapt the millionaire mindset. “This is accomplished by altering your alpha and theta brain wave,” says president Dave Czach.

Shortcuts To A Millionaire’s Mind CD Set can be purchased for $ 38.95 + $ 5.95 shipping and handle at

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  1. Julie Booz says:

    Got A Minute? Check This Out…: CD Creates Shortcuts To A Millionaire Mind

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