creating wealth in your life (Part 1) – episode 148

Julie Cara Hoffenberg and Sarah Woodward, authors of The Healing Patch Cookbook, bring you an in-depth conversation about wealth Your Questions Answered By Julie:

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20 Responses to creating wealth in your life (Part 1) – episode 148

  1. RawHealingPatch says:

    @RawFoodMuscle thank you so much.. we wish the same for you and are so exicted about your muscle channel and all the new stuff you have in progress.. thanks!

  2. RawFoodMuscle says:

    You guys are awesome and deserve all the wealth and prosperity you need. We wish you all the best :)

  3. RawHealingPatch says:

    @RawHealingPatch …cont’d Sarah and I have periods where we are drawn to 100% raw, and then we have times where we are not all raw. But we are very high raw. Currently, we are doing 80-10-10 experiments for about 30 days or so (or until the body says to stop).. we listen to our bodies and systems always :)

  4. RawHealingPatch says:

    @rawvegan35 @rawvegan35 i did use to work for matt very briefly. i think he never took down the video from his channel when i worked for him.. ha :) I have been on and off raw for the last 3 years or so, and have experimented with it as long as 5 years ago. …contd

  5. rawvegan35 says:

    I am just curious did you use to work for matt monarch?Also how long have you been raw and are you 100%?

  6. RawHealingPatch says:

    @elfe1982 thank you.. i am slowly putting together people’s names with their youtube accounts. :) ha now i know who ya are… :)

  7. elfe1982 says:

    Exactly :) well said my Dear ! Love, Bianca Maria

  8. RawHealingPatch says:

    @comfykittydesigns thank you… glad it makes some sense :)

  9. comfykittydesigns says:

    Totally makes sense. I love your honesty! Great idea.

  10. RawHealingPatch says:

    @MyHealthierMe you are welcome.. thank you for stickin with us! :) much love…

  11. MyHealthierMe says:

    I hear what you’re saying. Good points. Thanks for all you do :)
    Peace & Love

  12. RawHealingPatch says:

    @Necrowitch thank you… very sweet :)

  13. Necrowitch says:

    @RawHealingPatch haha, you and all apox. 180 other raw food channels i keep up with are happy I’m a youtube addict. =^-^= but out of all those channels, yours is one of my top favorites. =^-^=

  14. RawHealingPatch says:

    @Necrowitch awesome.. we appreciate this immeensely :) and are grateful that you watch our vids so consistently… xo

  15. RawHealingPatch says:

    @skylar2319 yeah, you just have to use your best judgement to see if the stuff they are sellijng are things that resonate with you… we always have free will to purchase or not purchase. :) yeah, great idea to write a book about all the questions we get. we wil put that down on our list of ideas! thanks so much…

  16. skylar2319 says:

    David Wolfe said that he said he cannot answer the thousands of questions coming in daily, it’s why he has written his books, and will continue to write books and get stuff out there. So, that could be an idea for you gals, to write another book about the most common questions you get! I get wary of people who are selling the stuff they are talking about in their free videos. It doesn’t seem very ethical to me, but well, we all gotta pay the bills, so, I can’t judge, only feel. Xx Skylar

  17. Necrowitch says:

    yup yup! and i value the times you answered me so much that when I realized i was going to buy something off of amazon I asked you to list what i was going to buy in your amazon store so I could buy it from you instead of all just from amazon! *cackles evilly* =^-^=

  18. RawHealingPatch says:

    @RawIdeals wow, what a sweet comment and great ideas! we would love to host cleansing retreats one day… one idea i have is to do a health and wealth weekend, where people work on both simultaneously, as i find many people who are unhealthy are also unhealthy at the bank account (ha). so… one day! thanks so much… and yes, we will continue working on the DVD! thanks for your purchase!

  19. RawHealingPatch says:

    @MyOwnStickFigure xoixoxoxoxox we appreciate ALL of your support over the last year… it has been increidble! thank you so much!

  20. Julie Booz says:

    Got A Minute? Check This Out…: creating wealth in your life (Part 1) – episode 148

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