Ester Hicks explains Law of Attraction and The Secret Web 2. Business Strategy for YouTube members. Ester Hicks of The Teachings of Abraham fame explains the Law of Attraction & The Secret movie
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25 Responses to Ester Hicks explains Law of Attraction and The Secret

  1. MsLawsofattraction says:

    good job well done for your video presentation. keep it up.

  2. designgirlful says:

    That was such a good and vibrant video.

  3. lozy1257 says:

    Well i’ve read a lot of the comments on here and I really don’t get how people can be so narrow minded to just dismiss everything she’s trying to teach, surely feeling good in yourself is a much better way to programme your brain to do than to constantly be so negative in life; think about it we live in a world where murders make the headlines in the papers, where people are more fascinated in reading celeb gossip magz than something worthwile reading like self help books. The music is all abou

  4. gamesbok says:

    If we take in our hand any volume; of divinity or school metaphysics, for instance; let us ask, Does it contain any abstract reasoning concerning quantity or number? No. Does it contain any experimental reasoning concerning matter of fact and existence? No. Commit it then to the flames: for it can contain nothing but sophistry and illusion.

    -David Hume., An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

  5. StereoRat says:

    What a Load of Shite!!! Only In America

  6. abmsu86 says:

    @madman60632 she is saying everything, you do realize that, right?

  7. madman60632 says:

    you people do realize shes saying absolutely nothing. right?

  8. MichaelYanke85 says:

    Its all about thinking about what you want, imagination is great too. Anything is truly possible but with media, the gouvernment and laws it makes it difficult break thru the shit and be free! Persevere in what you want and you will have it!

  9. energyontap says:

    This was extremely powerful!

  10. rafeeqazeez says:

    She is Good

  11. thorayork says:

    @777pvtube I think that it is a matter of vibration and which prevails.When there’s more negative vibration – bad things happen.That’s why all the wars and starving children.More people have to align to positivity and find light and harmony in them and they won’t feel like killing and making wars and more compassion will rise from that.We are all one after all and we in our greedy and violent desires create all this.I mean We as Humanity.

  12. kuvtsisnyiamkoj says:

    Because there are negative energies and dualities in the world. There must be balance in the world. However, this duality can victimize some people harshly to create balance. I would feel very sorry for all the victims!!!!!

  13. freekingenious says:

    I am so happy that you are channelling. I read yr message evryday & send it iut to others.
    BeAngel Dreamreader

  14. choukamau says:

    If there was a ‘love this’ button here I would totally click it.

  15. ljpgirl says:

    Thank you very much for sharing us.

  16. TeamLibertyExpress says:

    “Alright, put your hand back on the stove if you want to.”

  17. driverofsound says:

    @777pvtube Shut up!

  18. theskyisfalling321 says:


  19. 777pvtube says:

    the law of attraction is all nonsense, do you mean that all those people in 911 died because they where there people and they got what they deserved, an how about all the innocent children that die by the million of starvation and aides they attract that with there intention, I think this new age propaganda is very cruel and unkind to all the good people ,
    but i do believe that if you do good to others others will do good to you when they see you good hart

  20. solsonia2003 says:

    Superb!!!! Gratitude infinite!!! I Love Wisdom!!! Thank you!!!

  21. waitsunrise1 says:

    fantastic thank u , this is the power of all l want

  22. DejanUnger says:

    It is really good to feel good!
    Thanks for being and blessing.

  23. sushantumi says:

    So empowering, upbuilding and uplifting………

  24. buzzclick500 says:

    If everything went well for us all the time, we’d lose orientation. The only way to win is to say it’s o.k. to lose once in a while. When we really think about it, disappointment and loss are very rare occurrences.

  25. MrEasyCash says:

    Lets hope u have got it by now, wink , : )

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