Financial Advisory Group Expands the Hearts, Minds, and Pockets for People Across the U.S.

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) August 22, 2009

Colorado Springs, Co., August 19, 2009 — After four years of tutelage in the Castiglione’s LEAP Systems learning about financial misinformation, Mitchell B. Yellen (well-known financial expert) launched his own advisory group — not only to create real wealth outside the illusions of the stock market, qualified plans, term life insurance and simple compound interest accounts, but to help others learn the difference between traditional financial planning and real wealth-building concepts.

The Meaning behind the Name “Wealth Wonks”

“Wonk” (noun) (plural: “Wonks”) — One who studies an issue or topic thoroughly or excessively, becoming the scholar, expert and teacher.

“Wealth” (noun) — The state of being rich and affluent; having an abundance of material goods and money.

“Wealth Wonk” (noun) (plural: “Wealth Wonks”) — A tenacious student of socio-economic trends, legislative impact, changing business opportunities and financial strategies; an adamant non-traditionalist at financial planning; a guru in wealth building practices and processes.

Wonk is also Know spelled backwards – A wealth “Know-it-all!”

Mitchell B. Yellen is the President and CEO of Wealth Wonks. To view more information about Wealth Wonks and Mr. Yellen’s expertise please visit,


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