Getting The Millionaire Mindset

Getting The Millionaire Mindset

Article by Jason Rodriguez

To be successful in life — and not just in business — you’ll need what’s called the “millionaire’s mindset.” It’s a kind of mindset that focuses not on the situation, but on the possibilities presented by that situation. I’ll explain.

The main difference between ordinary people and people who go on to become millionaires is that they look at situations differently. Here are a few major differences to give you an idea.

#1 – While ordinary people look at a situation and see what problems might arise from it, people with millionaire mindsets see how they can improve the situation. If you think like a millionaire, you know that any situation — no matter how good it already is — can always be improved.

#2 – Ordinary people are focused on consumerism, while “millionaire-thinking” people focus on the long-term. When the iPhone first came out, people didn’t know that if they skipped the iPhone and invested the money instead, they could have a million dollars by the time they retired. (Now you know why so many Americans are in dire financial straits these days.)

#3 – Finally, ordinary people are obsessed with the status quo. They tend to copy their lives off of other people’s, thinking that if they stick with the rules, they’ll be okay. People with millionaire mindsets, on the other hand, don’t believe in the status quo. They embrace change — they know that they have the power to ESTABLISH the status quo, not just to follow it.

These are just some of the glaring differences between ordinary and great minds. If you find yourself more “ordinary” than “millionaire” in your way of thinking, then it’s best to get rid of old habits and embrace new ones. It’s the best mindset to adopt when you want a business that keeps running and expanding throughout its lifetime.

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