Home Business: Make Sales With a Millionaire Mindset

Home Business: Make Sales With a Millionaire Mindset

Article by Tami Stodghill

I have been contacted the last few weeks by some people who have purchased a business opportunity or are wanting to do just that. But many of them are concerned they are not “natural sellers”. They either have a limited past in sales, an unsuccessful past in sales or are worried they won’t be able to sell the opportunity/service/product in such a way that they will profit from their venture. When we started out, my past was NOT in sales.Actually, our backgrounds were in Press Relations, Freelance Writing and Technical Support. We didn’t have to worry about quotas or reaching sales goals, so this was an issue for us as well. Would we have what it takes?

The answer is that anyone can be successful in sales. And all it takes is the proper mindset. Seriously. And if you can adopt that mindset, you will find success in your venture. I’ve covered other things that are important to home-business success, and please note that these are all still a must when it comes to achieving the kind of success that most people want-consistency, positive attitude, honesty, integrity and ongoing training and mentoring. But equally as important is the approach you take with your business. Adopting this mindset released us from fear of failure and being able to move forward with our business.

Stop right now and ask yourself, “if I had a million dollars in my bank account right now, would I be afraid of calling this prospect back and chancing rejection?” Because it will instantly change your approach and your selling technique. It will free you to speak with prospects honestly and openly and will take the “desperate” out of your sales pitch. You will relax and say what you mean-covering the best about your opportunity with total self-confidence.

Let me explain further, why this approach will make you the best representative you can be for your business…

When you convince yourself that each and every sale will not determine your success, and that you have breathing room, so-to-speak, your technique instantly alters to one that projects success. And people need to know that they can believe in YOU as well as the opportunity you are selling. Since I dealt with a great number of editors through email when I was in Press Relations, phone interaction was rarely needed and I have to admit that my phone skills cried out for a complete makeover. I dreaded dialing a number to return a call to a prospect and when I did, I instantly tensed up and got ready for the rejection. Obviously, I went nowhere fast. And through the advice of a seasoned colleague, I completely revamped my approach and mindset to that of a millionaire. And lo and behold-I found success.

People don’t want to buy into a business through someone who lacks confidence, seems beaten down or desperate. That’s all there is to it. They want to follow the lead of others who are experiencing success and who are relaxed in the pursuit of that success. By telling myself that no call I made would make-or-break me, I went into it without apprehension, without trepidation and without butterflies in my stomach. Every lead wasn’t going to decide my success or failure. There will always be people out there who are looking for something, and your opportunity might not be what they are looking for, no matter what your technique is. So to stress over it, only displays a business that isn’t that desirable. When you phone or contact prospects with confidence and with the attitude that you know you believe in your business, people gain a sense of trust and will, in turn, believe in your opportunity too.

Take a few minutes each day to ensure your mindset is what you need it to be to make every call and contact count. Tell yourself that your bank account reflects your success, so that the sense of desperation and “overselling” that can occur are no longer an issue. Our lives, and our business, changed the moment we took that advice. And I guarantee YOU will find that others will respond and will find what you have to offer is exactly what they want for themselves.

Tami Stodghill was the Press-Relations manager, for a world-wide extensible-technology distributor based in London and the US for 20 years. She was also a freelance writer for several industry publications and is now a home-based business owner with WMI. She runs a blog site exclusively to offer tips for success for any small or home-based business.

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