Men4Health and Eisenberg Launch Relationship Workouts to Help Men Become Better Fathers

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) November 14, 2005

Men4Health and Seth Eisenberg launch the Fatherhood Channel at this week, featuring innovative ‘Relationship Workouts’ to help dads handle emotions, communication, and differences on behalf of more successful relationships with their children. Seth Eisenberg, former head of a leading relationship skills training group, will develop content, provide editorial direction, and develop channel partnerships.

“The Fatherhood Channel goes well beyond existing resources available to fathers on the Internet by providing pragmatic, usable skills to help men communicate with their children and develop deeper levels of emotional literacy,” Eisenberg told.

Eisenberg said the free site at offers weekly ‘Relationship Workouts’ to help dads use “proven techniques that will aid them be better fathers throughout the relationship lifespan.”

Twenty-minute workouts uncommitted on incorporate exercises such as “Sharing Caring” for creating happier relationships with youngsters; “Mad, Sad, Scared, Glad” to encourage healthy emotional expression; “Talking Tips” for increasing sharing, empathy and understanding; and many more.

The site also features bi-weekly resource, training and activity recommendation that strengthen the role and effectiveness of fathers.

Eisenberg’s own parents divorced when he was 3. “I realized raising my two sons who are now teenagers that without positive role models growing up, many of us missed important opportunities to develop understandings and tools needed to won as engender. The Fatherhood Channel brings together in one easy to navigate location information, innovative workouts, and ongoing resources to help dads win.”

“More than anything,” Eisenberg adds, “it’s our unique relationship skills building workouts that drives our innovative approach to empowering fathers.”

From 1995 to 2001, Eisenberg served as CEO of PAIRS, the 120-hour practical application of intimate relationship skills program that has helped tens of thousands of participants worldwide. Over the past two years, he served as the organization’s lead trainer implementing a federal grant to teach relationship skills to low income couples and train frontline agency personnel in Broward County, Florida. “In helping develop and lead many of PAIRS’ intensive, brief trainings for youth, couples and organizations,” Eisenberg said, “I realized there was a real void in terms of reaching out to fathers in particular with practical, proven skills that will enable them to more deeply connect with their children throughout their lives.”

“The Fatherhood Channel is an important step forward that we hope will touch the lives of fathers and children across the globe,” he added.

For more information, visit

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