Millionaire Mindset

Millionaire Mindset

Article by Elvis Galevski

Not all that long ago, late night legend, David Letterman interviewed billionaire Donald Trump and asked him what he would do if he lost everything and had to start all over again, from scratch!

Donald’s response was that he would find one of the best Direct Sales companies in the world, and really get to work.

When he received some hisses and boos from the audience, he looked out at them with complete and total authority and responded, “ That’s why I’m sitting down here, and you’re all sitting out there.”

All successful and truly wealthy people think differently than the masses. This is why 10% of the population holds 90% of the wealth. It’s really quite cut and dry. You see, they have already created their millions, it’s part of their everyday life. There are no belief issues for them. The proof is in their bank accounts, assets, and investments.

You see in the clothes they wear, the vacations they take, and the cars they drive. Not to mention the homes they live in. There is a confidence about them, and they are able to put their head on their pillow at night, knowing that their affairs are in order (not to say wealth eliminates all problems, but it provides opportunity).

This confidence and belief, which is their reality, must be understood before you can create real, long lasting, stable wealth. This is the first and most important issue you will face when starting on your road to creating wealth.

You’re probably asking, how do I think and operate as a person who has already created wealth, when I’m still broke?”

To reach the goal of thinking as a wealthy and successful person, and finding your financial thermostat, you MUST understand the following statements:

~ You will NEVER outperform your own self-image.~ You cannot earn more than you believe you are worth.~ You will settle for exactly as much as YOU think you are worth.~ You are the only one that can determine what you are worth. Not your friend, neighbour, or family member!

You may be asking yourself, “What does all this mean?” How do I know where my financial thermostat is set correct now?”

The first step you need to take is to stare at the average income of your 10 close friends and family members. Chances are you earn approximately as much as they earn, or very close. This is where it becomes difficult for most people to understand.

You see, you have been conned into believing that this is all you’re worth. It was not done intentionally, people are just accustomed to believing that they should be limiting with their lot in life, and don’t understand the greater context of the fact that, we control our “lot in life.”For them to think outside of the box becomes uncomfortable. When one starts to think outside the box, it makes neighbours, family, and friends uncomfortable too. Your family and friends are habitual to what they believe is possible in “their reality.” Fortunately for us, we create, and participate actively in our own reality, ultimately guiding the outcome with our “previous decisions.”

They want you to be safe, and they feel “comfortable is safe.” Having a job (Just Over Broke) is traditionally accepted as secure and safe, and that most who decide to try something a little different will go broke in a few years. Can you see their logic? “Don’t embark outside your own backyard, it is dangerous divulge there and people always crash and burn.” You can use this exact equivalent logic and say no to flying or drive because many people die in car accidents and planes could fall from the sky, so you better just rest home and be safe.

What do YOU feel YOUR time is worth? ,000 per year, or ,000 per month? Did you realise that if Bill Gates bends over to pick up a dollar, he is actually wasting his time? In the time it takes him to bend over, pick it up, staring at it, and contemplate his new found dollar, and then slide it into his take, he has made much more money passively, than what that dollar is worth.

His “actions and decisions” let that reality to become his reality. I wonder what his closest family and friends earn? Are you starting to glimpse the difference? If YOU want to be wealthy, consider hanging disclose with others who mastermind the idea of wealth creation.

What you need to do is set your financial thermostat to where it is currently uncomfortable, and keep it there until it gone comfortable. Once it becomes comfortable you can move it to a new level of discomfort. As you proceed, you will notice your wealth and success grow to unexampled levels, and your BELIEF and confidence in yourself will grow massively.

When a wealthy person makes a decision, they make it quickly, and change their object easy, if at all. When an average person makes a decision, they make it slowly, and change it quickly. This is not the way to create wealth.

Once a wealthy person makes a decision, they EXPECT IT TO HAPPEN, or become their reality, whereas the mean person will make the decision, and then focus on all the things that could possibly go wrong. What a terrible way to live!

You see, the crazy thing is, if you actually expect something to happen, you have a greater happen of it actually becoming your reality. What if the things that you think are “to good to be avowedly” could actually happen? Crazy, unrealistic things. Things that you presume not even say retired loud, because you are afraid populate might laugh.

I want you to assay a little exert. Write mastered a crazy obnoxious dream that could never happen, but yet it is something that you could be passionate astir IF you believed it could pass. Keep it in your pocket for 30 days and think about it everyday, and just see if anything changes in those 30 days. I guarantee you will feel so much better for doing this exercise, and may even be well on your way to create some great things in your life. Things you may have never dreamed possible before. Plan BIG, and EXPECT it to happen. Don’t take my word for it, assayed it for yourself.

Don’t pay attention to the negative people around you. Focus on the things you want to achieve in your life and go for it. First you need to make the decision, then you involve to expect and believe it can happen, FOR YOU.

I have share with you just a very small split of a millionaires mindset and the strategies that are used by them to create the things they want in their lives. If you enjoyed this short obligated feel free to make on over to and read some other articles that will help you get an idea of what it is that you desire for your future.

By Elvis GalevskiThe Six Figure Mentors

“Wealthy people lean to be orderly, while those who struggle have lot’s of messes. Each mess is a padlock on the gate that keeps abundance out.”

Elvis Galevski has been involved in Internet Marketing and Personal Development for the past 2 years and has helped many people improve their lives for the good, gaining time freedom and financial security using the drove of the internet.

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