Online Seminar Analyses Think and Grow Rich, the Success Secrets Book Read by Over Thirty Million

Southampton, Hampshire, UK (PRWEB) April 19, 2008

The greatest success book of all time, receiving more credit than any other book for turning people into millionaires, Think and Grow Rich can be downloaded for free at In addition to this is the chance to discover the success secrets of the book in an analytical video over four hours long.

Think and Grow Rich was inspired by the analysis of some of America’s most famous businessmen and women from Henry Ford to Thomas A. Edison. It has become a guide to success not only for people looking to make a fortune but for people looking to succeed in all kinds of professions.

Napoleon Hill has made so many realize their ultimate goals before going on to achieve them. In fact this is the first important principle in the text, discovering one’s inner desires. Once the reader has asked themselves important questions such as what they want out of life and how can they get it, they are informed through the other principles of the tools and the mindset that is required to succeed.

A reader new to Think and Grow Rich will learn that faith in one’s self is essential if success is to come. Other important requirements are a persistent mind as well as the ability to be decisive. Hill explains how these attributes will allow a person to overcome temporary failure and learn through mistakes. A fair amount of self analysis should also be expected by the reader as Hill asks them to face their fears and establish their strengths and weaknesses.

Other principles that are more difficult to get to grips with in Think and Grow Rich involve the power of the subconscious mind and the concept of auto-suggestion. The text suggests that through using these principles people can build their character by learning to control the subconscious mind to allow more positive thinking. It is through the use of these principles that the reader will gradually start to understand how they can take control of their future.

Former president of coca-cola, Donald R. Keough said, “The cogent advice articulated by Napoleon Hill is as relevant and pertinent today as the day it was written.” A World snooker champion, Peter Ebdon said, “It inspired and excited me, and with the belief in myself I received through its pages, I, too, passed the ‘persistence’ test and achieved my lifetime goal. This life-changing book will help you achieve your goals too!”

It has been said that Think and grow rich is more than just a guide to fortune as it also “strengthens your spirit, your soul, and promotes the proper attitude to achieve peace, endurance, and a loving family–the real measures of success in life”.

For the first time online comes the opportunity to learn about Think and Grow Rich in video format. At an online seminar discusses the thirteen steps to riches guide of Think and Grow Rich in detail and analyses the success secrets that are missed by most readers of the book.

About Success Vault Seminars
Jay Street is a seasoned internet marketer who manages this site which presently offers Think and Grow Rich for free as well as an introductory video which explains the methods of finding success.


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