Oprah’s Revealed The Secret – But There’s More To Tell

Haddington, Scotland (PRWEB) February 11, 2007

On February 8, Oprah revealed The Secret to the world. But does it work? A unique ebook authored by Colin Joss and packed with practical instructions and with inspirational stories shows that it does.

Joss is an Internet marketer and founder of Back Roads Marketing. His latest ebook ‘Inspired Attraction’ teaches anyone how to use the law of attraction to achieve anything they desire.

“The law of attraction simply states that our thoughts and feelings are like a magnet,” Joss explained. “If we think warm, fuzzy thoughts that make us feel good we attract to ourselves warm, fuzzy people and experiences. If we think cold, hard thoughts that make us feel bad we attract to ourselves cold, hard people and experiences.”

Joss approached a number of successful people and asked them to describe how they use the law of attraction in their day-to-day lives. He selected the thirteen most powerful contributions – including contributions from two stars of The Secret – and combined them into his ebook.

“After watching the Oprah special on The Secret, people probably came away wondering ‘Is this for real?’” Joss explained. “The idea behind ‘Inspired Attraction’ is to show that it is for real and that anyone can use the law of attraction to transform their lives. That’s why I included both practical instructions and inspirational stories.”

Readers will learn:

Dr. Joe Vitale’s two step process for manifestation and have angels handing out your business card.

Dr. John F Demartini’s secret of asking high quality questions to spark the law of attraction.

Aine Belton’s science and spirituality behind the law of attraction.

Rebecca Hanson’s advice to dream big dreams and how to build strong foundations under those dreams.

Pat O’Bryan’s inspiring transformation from struggling musician to Internet marketing legend. And he owes it all to the law of attraction.

As well as 8 others from Yanik Silver, Amy Scott Grant, Bill Hibbler, Jeannette Maw, Lori Brower, Marina Woods, Colin Joss, and Craig Perrine.

Joss explained “The response to ‘Inspired Attraction’ has been wonderful. Following the Oprah special, I’m sure thousands more people will benefit from this ebook.”

‘Inspired Attraction’ is available at Inspired Attraction.


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