Ten Multi-Millionaire Business Superstars To Teach Money Creation Secrets In Phone Course Workshop

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) September 5, 2006

In study after study everywhere in the world the overwhelming number one desire mentioned by people of all nations and cultures is to have more money.

Statistics have also shown unequivocally that between 97-99% of the earth’s money at any given time is owned and/or controlled by less than 3% of the population?

A little unbalanced?. Unethical?. 97% of the world’s population forage for what amounts to the leftovers of the superwealthy. But…

It’s been argued in recent years that mankind is entering the Age of Aquarius. “Harmony and understanding, sympathy and love for all,” as the song says. The contention from the spiritual communities is that there’s been and will continue to be a new shift of consciousness. That events are transpiring that will eventually result in the strong helping the weak and that (in biblical vernacular) the lion will lay down with the lamb.

The internet has leveled the business playing field. Private events are broadcast worldwide instantaneously through the media and even small secrets are harder to keep now then ever before. The principle that truth sets one free is becoming a faster and faster reality daily and the idea that bad things that occur are often the precursor to purging negatives so that they force good and better things to emerge is blazing its way through the minds and hearts of millions.Though the world currently is in turmoil it is still becoming a single global community. Everyone today has access to information currently that has been privileged and guarded privately for ages and is passing it around in an effort to raise the bar universally for all.

As a new generation of information access has opened up the creation of new money it has brought with it the mindset of generous ethical entrepreneurs whose spiritual principles adhere to the concepts that giving is receiving and the idea that we are all on this planet together sharing the same fate and each of us prospers more by helping others prosper than by hoarding personal accumulation.

Thus is borne a breed of enlightened teaching millionaires whose mindset and influence is set upon raising the economic quality of life through the practice of principled application of financial/scientific knowledge.

Harrison Klein of South Florida has assembled a stellar team of multi millionaires to create what he calls a series of “transformational phone experiences,” in a September/October phone course in order to directly access these super high achievers to teach the breakthrough techniques they used to overcome their inner and outer obstacles to making high 7 and 8 figure monies and trace their experiences for emulation for anyone who wants to follow the same proven paths.

Among the diverse participants are the internet’s top most famous breakthrough visionaries and earners, Mark Joyner (Simpleology) and Dr. Joe Vitale, (Hypnotic Marketing), several of the world’s bestselling authors, speakers, marketers, real estate investors, empowerment practitioners, business leaders and super wealth teachers including, T. Harv Eker, (Author of #1NYT Bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, and President of Peak Potentials Training, fastest growing training company in the World), Bob Proctor (One of the world’s most amazing mind coaches, speakers and breakthrough, “Law of Attraction” teacher, superbly featured in the great documentary film, The Secret), Joe Newman, (President of the American Basketball Association, fastest growing pro-sports league in history) Alex Mandossian, (Top 5 American Monetization expert and Internet Marketer) Matt Bacak, (Top World Class Internet Promoter, The Powerful Promoter), Rick Raddatz (Top Online Video Pioneer), Jay Conrad Levinson (Super consultant, columnist and Author of the alltime world classic business book, Guerrilla Marketing) and Cynthia Kersey, (Amazing author of Unstoppable, and Top Female Empowerment Public Speaker) and more, super multi-millionaires all.

For further information log onto http://www.TrueMillionaireStories.com

Harrison Klein


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