The Secret of Creating Wealth – Feeding Your Desire For Capital

The Secret of Creating Wealth – Feeding Your Desire For Capital

In talking with people about money and asking them if they would like more money for their business or investing, occasionally, I have people tell me that they don’t need any more money right now. I have only heard this answer from one person in my life whom I really believed.

He was in his 60′s, retired, enjoying his grand kids and racing Formula-1 race cars as a hobby. He was worth about 50 million, wanted to keep life simple and was set. If someone hasn’t reached the point of financial independence-which I define as the point where one doesn’t have to work and can still maintain their current lifestyle-they are either fooling themselves or they haven’t created the right mind set for building wealth.

What I have found is that people have a certain level to the amount of money they feel comfortable borrowing. If you want to become a millionaire, deca-millionaire or even a billionaire, then you need to make a commitment to have access to as much money as possible.

Desire must form a large part of your mindset for creating wealth.

If you do not desire unlimited funds, then you won’t have the right mindset to be able to start your journey for wealth creation. As a child, I grew up in an environment where “We can’t afford it!” was a common phrase. My desire to start to get the things I wanted grew from this early age. Without this desire strongly rooted into my mindset, I would not have made it to a millionaire at the age of 28.

If you are having difficulty creating this strong desire, try this activity. Where do you want to be in 5 years time? Do you still imagine yourself in the same position you are now, making downwardly the same job, paying off the same mortgage with your hard-earned liquidate? No? I didn’t think so.

Whether you envisage yourself now owning your dream house in your favorite location with no mortgage, living the lifestyle you can only dream of at the moment, or owning a successful multi-million dollar business, make a strong image of this in your head. Remember this image… compare it to your life at the moment. If you keep this goal in the front of your mind, you will find your want to make this stage grow and grow.

Through my Millionaire Credit Coaching program, I can help show you how to get the capital you need to realize your desire and go from broke to millionaire in less than 2 years! Further information can be found on my website.

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