‘The Secret,’ the Law of Attraction, is Linked to Mujiba.com

Camden, NJ (PRWEB) February 14, 2007

Everyone is talking about “The Secret” DVD. It was recently featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. “The Secret” is the universal law of attraction. The law of attraction refers to the magnetic force of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. The law of attraction is directly linked to the concepts of choice and faith, and these concepts are emphasized in Mujiba Salaam Parker’s motivational book, His Inspiration Through Me: Volumes 1 & 2.

Author, Publisher, and Motivational Speaker, Mujiba Salaam Parker wrote her book to encourage others to realize their dreams in life. After she discovered the way to become a publisher, she wrote an ebook, Publish Your Book: How to be a Publisher and Author, to show other authors how to become the master of their publishing careers. Through her website http://www.mujiba.com, Mujiba also provides other motivational products, such as a mug, journal, and a beautiful wall calendar for individuals to use to focus on fulfilling their dreams on a daily basis.

We were all born to contribute greatly to the world. The motivational products at http://www.mujiba.com will help you to Achieve Your Success! Buy these products to use the universal law of attraction to your advantage and realize your dreams in life.

Mujiba Salaam Parker, Motivational Speaker, Publisher, and Author of His Inspiration Through Me and Publish Your Book, helps others to realize their dreams in life. If you are ready to Achieve Your Success, visit her website at http://www.mujiba.com. To receive motivational messages, sign up for her free newsletter.

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