Why We Are Not Rich Yet

Why We Are Not Rich Yet

Firstly, I would like to thank you for take your time read this article. The truth is we all have a asset that would make we rich but we dispose them. It is not your double degree, PhD or MBA. And it is not the inheritance lucky we get from rich dad, uncle or grandfather to kick-start their business. No this asset is so powerful will not give you a 4% return like bank or even 20% return which you expected from stock market. This asset has infinite returns. If we passionately developed, give you 1000% return on your time investment. The asset I am talk about is  the thing that generate a huge wealth. This asset is your mind, also known as intellectual asset!

The reason I believe this so much is because many self-made millionaires start from nothing but a hunger for knowledge of how to create wealth. Today if we interview the rich guy they would claim that the millions dollar they generated have been spun off from nothing but idea in our head. Now I  want you write down all the reasons you can think of why you not rich yet on a blank paper…….  Below I have sample list the reason given by majority when I asked them why they not rich yet

I have no money to make money, I was born in poor family
I need to support my family, I am too young /old
I have no opportunities, I am too lazy, I lack of qualifications,
I have too many children, I have an unsuppportive spouse
I lack of financial knowledge, I am afraid of taking risks
The economy has been down, I made a poor decisions, I not smart enough

Do any of this reasons match the ones you have given? Now, I want you look at the reason you have been given to yourself to take a note of whether the reasons is within your control or beyond your control. If you feel that they are self created like “lack of financial knowledge” or “lack of discipline”, then put a tick next to it. If they are external factor like no opportunities bad luck or lousy boss put a cross to it. Now do you have more tick or more cross? Your ability to become rich is depends on this.

Every time I do this survey, I have discovered that people who put down a lot of tick are generally more successful that cross. Why the reasons you give yourself is  a reflection of whether you have winner mindset or victim’s mindset. Most people go through life with the victim’s mindset and prevent them to changing their financial situation. When they do not get the result they want the victims tend to give themselves lots of excuses like I just unlucky, I have no experience’, I too old to learn more, I am too young to be rich or I am not a creative person. The reason all lame excuses is because we know there are many exampleswho has created wealth for themselves, despite all of these perceived disadvantages.

Victim also tend to blame everyone except themselves. When you ask the victim why they not rich yet they will say like this “my boss wont give a raise” ” I don’t get any opportunities”  “ my big family prevent me to from saving money”  “ the stock market caused me to lose everything” . And instead of finding a way to improved and change, the victims mindset keep complaining but not do anything about it.And instead of finding a way to improved and change, the victims mindset keep complaining but not do anything about it.

If you have this victim’s mindset, which it is not your fault you are poor, then you are powerless to change it.

Winner’s mindset

Take 100% responsibility

& ownership

Victim’s mindset

Give excuses

Blame others


The winners take 100% responsibility for the result in their life. They take responsibility over their wealth.  When their sales drop, they don’t blame the customer or the economy. They take responsibility for they not selling hard enough, they do not use effective marketing strategies. When winner don’t get paid increase, they do not blame their boss or their company, their take responsibility for the fact they not created enough value, not demonstrate they worth.

The moment you realize that you create your own fortune, it means you given your self a power to become rich  right now!  When you learn the strategies of wealth creation, you will find you can make money at any age, background and in any economy. To find out how millionaires achieve this, you can read my next article ‘ The Seven Step to Financial Abundance’

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