“YES WE CAN” Avon Global Summit – “Relationships for Revenue Growth” Keynote by Keith Ferrazzi

WWW.KEITHFERRAZZI.COM/SPEAKING Relationships for Revenue Growth: Revenue growth demands that every level of your organization — from the CEO to the sales force — be competitive in the art and skill of relationship building. Keith Ferrazzi’s highly interactive, dynamic Relationships for Revenue Growth talk boils 20 years of research and 60 hours of curriculum into one speech. Participants experience new techniques to build relationships right in the room and leave enthusiastic and prepared to put them into practice to improve your business and their lives. Results for your business include increased customer loyalty and net promoter scores, a shortened sales cycle, more and stronger referrals, and increased ability to sell to the C-suite. This talk can be customized for the sales force, executive leadership, or any level of your organization, and can also include supplemental breakout sessions or webinars. Relationships for Leadership Success and High-Performance Teams: Research shows that high-performance teams are also the most highly committed teams. As you look around your organization, can you honestly say that your people are committed to not letting each other fail? The very best leaders know how to help their team build strong, engaging relationships. Keith Ferrazzi’s Relationship for Leadership Success and High-Performance Teams keynote provides the mindsets, processes, and tools to transform even the most conflicted team or politicized company culture into a

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