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MLM Leads

JHBLifeStyles MLM Leads

WOW.. Is All I Can Say About Your MLM Leads. I have never in my life had such an amazing response on leads…
100% of the people I talked to said ‘YES!’ they were looking.. Out of 27 leads that I called, I signed up 3!”

Hello Entrepreneur,

Are you tired of working with old, worn out, over-priced mlm leads or business opportunity leads that cost you good hard-earned money… but leave you empty-handed at the end of the day when it comes to sponsoring new distributors? Are you tired of rejection from friends and family who now seem to avoid your phone calls?

If you’re like most distributors I know, time and money are your most valuable commodities.  So the last thing you want to do is waste your time and money on cheap, worn out, unresponsive mlm leads or business opportunity leads that have been recycled over and over again… or chase your friends and family around at family picnics trying to prospect them over and over again.  At the end of the day, prospecting cheap, unresponsive mlm leads will have cost you good hard-earned cash and leave you empty-handed without new distributors… while chasing friends and family will eventually make you a charter member of the NFL Club… that’s right… No Friends Left!

So How Do You Find Good Prospects For Your Business Opportunity?

It can be tough finding good people to talk to about your business opportunity. I know because I was faced with the same dilemma 4 years ago when I was a new distributor out in the field like you. At the time, I was a corporate administrator and very unhappy in dealing with the rat race day in and day out.. I was looking for a way to control my life and not be controlled by some corporation.  Getting older and being health conscious I found a company & products that I had great results with,  so I started calling every family member I knew and begged them to try the products and business… My calls went something like this:

“Hey Mom/Dad/Brother/Sister/Nephew/Niece/Cousin/Uncle/Aunt… Cousin I haven’t spoken to in 15 years… just try the product, I promise you’ll love it. I’ll even loan you the money to pay for the products… You just have to pay me back if you like it, OK?”

Well… as you could guess, that didn’t really work out.

I turned to the internet. I spent thousands of dollars paying for “Internet Advertising” When I computed what I spent for per lead, I about fell over. I couldn’t continue this way.

Through sheer determination, I became a full-time network marketer then quickly realized – I had no one to talk to.

So what did I do?

That’s when I thought…

“There Has To Be a Better Way!”

And there was.

I began purchasing mlm leads or business opportunity seeker leads and started dialing… learning… and improving my skills.   Most never answered the phone, let alone admitted they had actually filled out the form. I was hung up on and cursed at daily.  Let’s face it… I had been scammed by that mlm leads vendor!

As time went on I continued to hone my skills, I found sources of better mlm leads and I taught myself “email marketing”. I wrote creative emails and landing pages.  I sent my prospects emails which directed them to my landing pages where they filled out the web form to receive more information on how they could generate money from home. Once they submitted the web form, I would call them up to see if they were a match for my business or not. When I started “sifting and sorting” prospects in this manner and stopped “begging” or harassing people to join my business, my commission checks took off!

Unscrupulous MLM Leads Vendors Give The
MLM Leads Industry a Bad Name

Read this story of a business associate of mine. He had left the network marketing industry for awhile to pursue another venture.

“Shortly thereafter, I jumped back into the mlm or network marketing fray but this time as an autoresponder service provider. I co-founded and established sales for a very popular email autoresponder service (PAR) that served the mlm or network marketing industry.

At the time it was common practice for any one of my customers to purchase 5,000 to 10,000 email mlm leads per month and import them into my autoresponder for the purposes of email prospecting. All was fine until several unscrupulous mlm leads vendors began overselling their leads into my service. Spam complaints went through the roof and we had to figure out who was causing problems.  After investigation we found that an unscrupulous mlm leads vendor was overselling his mlm leads to unsuspecting consumers… in fact one mlm lead was resold at least 96 times into 96 different autoresponder accounts!!! Imagine the email and phone calls that poor individual received!!… enough to make you want to join the “Witness Protection” program I’m sure!

I really felt that the mlm leads vendor that was causing the problem was extremely reckless in his actions.  Not only did he take advantage of unsuspecting consumers, but he also alienated a lot of other people that might have otherwise joined a network marketing company and changed their own financial and personal future.”

After hearing about that experience…
I Vowed To Partner With an MLM Leads Business
That Helped The Average Distributor
Become Successful Working From Home

I knew that I was in an ideal position to make a positive impact on the lives of thousands and thousands of distributors around the world. I knew that when I provided distributors with responsive mlm leads or business opportunity leads at an affordable price and coupled that with success mentoring and coaching, then I could empower ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results for themselves and their families.

I also knew that the market was ready for an ethical mlm leads company… a company that treated its customers the way they would want to be treated…. One that didn’t hide behind websites, email or voicemail… One that actually talked and worked directly with the customer to ensure that the customer was getting the most out of their advertising dollar.

“… I have been “looking” for some way to make a little money in MLM for about 45 years, and never have I run across a businessman as sincere and helpful as you.  I didn’t think such a person existed.  Almost makes me need a kleenex.”

That’s when I created this mlm leads business and went into action.  Over the months thereafter, I spent countless hours…

Interviewing prospective lead vendors all over the Internet… finding the right company that felt the same way I did, that operated the right mlm leads or business opportunity leads for your business opportunity…

I bought small batches of leads from every vendor I could find. I made thousands of dials. I tested and tested again and again.

And now after all this hard work, I’m pleased to announce this offering to you…

“Fresh, Responsive MLM Leads for Your Home-Based Business Opportunity”

Using “JHBlifeStyles MLM Leads”, you can spend your prospecting time contacting real prospects about your product, service or business opportunity.  They’re expecting to hear from someone about a home-based opportunity, so contact them right away and see if they’re the right match for you and your business opportunity.

” It is so amazing to actually have a real person associated with the leads program. I know I’ll be recommending you to my downline. My hat is off to you!”
Terry Moran, Nashville, TN

When you choose “JHBLifeStyles MLM Leads”, you get responsive lead types like:

  • Real-Time National Leads
  • Female Real-Time Leads
  • Real-Time Local Leads

These prospects have “raised their hand” and said they’re interested in making money from home.  You’ll want to contact these prospects right away and direct them into your business presentation or website to review your business briefing and help them find out whether there’s a match or not.

Click here to order your JHBLifeStyles MLM Leads now!

Start Talking to Qualified Prospects… Right Now!

Now more than ever, you can spend quality prospecting time each and every day when you talk to prospects that are open and receptive to making a good secondary income from home… Prospects that have responded to our online advertisement and have filled out our survey forms to find a home-based business of their own… Prospects that are waiting for YOU to call them to answer their questions or even to help them get started!

Click Here to Order Your JHBlifeStyles MLM Leads Now!

Slash Your Recruiting Costs, Boost New Signups &
Triple Your FREE Time.  Guaranteed!

You only have so many hours in the day so ask yourself, do you want your business to take off in this “lifetime” or the next?  Do you want to start sponsoring more new distributors without all the headaches of talking to “lookey-lou’s” and “tire-kickers”?  Would you like to build a successful home-based business without bugging friends and family?

When it comes to growing your business and spending quality time with your family, how much is your time really worth?

“I wanted to tell you that those leads I bought from you were KILLER… I’ve sold 2 already… haven’t even called the first 7 leads yet… I recommend this to anybody; well worth the money. Good job!..” W. Harman of Cedar Bluff, VA

How much would it be worth to have a prospect handed to you… a prospect that has “raised their hand” and told you that they’re looking for a way to generate extra money and that they’re willing to see what you’ve got?  Would it be worth $4.00 a lead… maybe $5.00 lead?  Well, if you were running a USA Today ad, it could easily cost you $20 to $40 per phone call from a prospect. Of course, you’re going to have to sort through all the other calls from people trying to prospect you for their business opportunity.

Click Here to Order Your JHBLifeStyles MLM Leads Now!

When it comes to the cost of these MLM Leads, that’s really the best part…

Here’s My Offer To You

I believe that not only is it important for me to provide you with quality leads at an affordable price, but unless I give you professional training, then you likely won’t have the success that you’re looking for… the kind of success that will allow a change in your life and that of your family. So here’s the deal…

When you purchase your mlm leads from JHBLifeStyles MLM Leads, we’ll provide you with:

  • Leads that have only been sold twice, maximum
  • Phone Scripts
  • A Real Person When You call In For Support

In the coming weeks we are adding the following:

* Live Prospecting Calls conducted by top PROs
* Phone script training
* How to interview your prospect instead of being interviewed
* How to stop “selling” and start “sorting”
* Learn why most people fail working their leads in the first 10 seconds of a prospecting call
* 5+ hours of audio training
* Over $4,000 worth of prospecting training and support

Many of my customers have said that they would have paid $1,000s for the training alone… so it like they were getting free leads once they applied the training to their business.

And while a number of lead vendors sell their leads to you and 5-10 other people, I’ll only sell a leads twice, that’s all.

So let me ask you… what could be fairer than that?

Click Here to Order Your Leads Now!

Free Bonus: Training For You And Your Group

As a JHBLifeStyles MLM Leads customer, you’ll be eligible to receive free personal coaching and mentoring for you and your group of 10 or more. This invaluable training will help you & your team to become the master prospectors you’ve always dreamed about… Just imagine how fast your business will grow when you interview and prospect like a PRO!  Just imagine how different your life will become when you reach that next level of success in your business!

“I listened to the training call… it was totally awesome and inspirational. I’ll be contacting my group…

“This is awesome; great prices and live training calls that train your team for you and also motivates them and keeps everyone on the same page. Everything is about duplication and this is what you are offering here. Thanks!”
Pat Ginter, Canada

When Would You Like Your Next
Distributor Signup?

Would “right away” be soon enough? When would you like your next distributor signup bonus check? Is next week soon enough?

Now is your chance to accelerate your business into the fast lane! Boost your profits today and become the person you’ve always dreamed about. Now is your chance to take command of your life and strike it big in network marketing. Now is your chance to start living the life you’ve always dreamed about… starting today.

Click Here to Order Your JHBLifeStylesMLM Leads Now!

My Iron-Clad Guarantee To You

To remove any doubt about whether JHBLifeStyles MLM Leads are the right choice for you, your family and your business, and in order to build a lasting relationship between the two of us, I’d like to provide you my guarantee of satisfaction.  Here is…
My Guarantee To You

“I’m convinced that JHBlifeStyles MLM Leads will be one of the smartest investments you’ll ever make in your business.  Not only can these leads slash your recruiting costs, but they can also boost your new distributor signups immediately.  So at the end of the day, you’ll have more distributors and more free time for you and your family.

As a first-time customer ordering an intro pack, if at any time you are dissatisfied with these leads, tell me and I’ll make things right.

If after trying these leads you decide that they’re not the right match for you, don’t worry about it – I won’t try to convince you otherwise.  Try the leads for yourself.  I trust you to be the final judge of their value.”

Slash Your Lead Costs and Boost Your Downline.

Isn’t it time you started working “smarter” and not “harder”?  Become one of the success stories you always read about.  Get your JHBLifeStyles MLM Leads today and start talking to people that really want a business and are open to know more about yours.  People that are ready and waiting to learn more.

So what are you waiting for?  Click Here Now To Order.

Starting today, you’ll contact more qualified prospects in less time than ever before while having more free time to enjoy yourself and your family.

Here’s How To Order

Let’s get started by clicking here to order. Once your order is placed, it’s likely that you’ll get a phone call from us confirming your order. Then we’ll get to work filling your mlm leads order. Leads will be posted to you individually via email as they’re created.

“Julie… I wanted to write and thank you – both for the numerous times you have advised me in our phone calls and also for the obvious care you take of your customers through your informative website.

“At all times, I have felt that you have put my interests first and that you are building a solid business based on great product value and superior service to your clients – core values of my own business.

“Because of this, I have not only recommended you to my current associates, but I will be recommending to my new business partners, as a standard operating procedure, the use of your leads in the building of their businesses.”

“As you know, I have elected to place an ongoing monthly order with you.  The automatic delivery of new leads takes one more task off my “to-do” list and keeps me on pace with my business plan.

“Again, thanks Julie.  It is a genuine pleasure doing business with you.”

Lauretta Anonby, Ontario, Canada

Success is waiting for you.  Don’t delay.

Click Here to Order Your JHBLifeStyles MLM Leads Leads Now!

Have a Question?

Feel free to  contact me at (267) 644-5313 to have all your questions answered immediately.


Julie Booz
JHBLifeStyles MLM Leads
Tel 267-644-5313

PS.  This is a one-time introductory offer.  I don’t know how long the offer pricing will be available but it’s available right now while you’re on this page.

Get Your JHBLifeStyles MLM Leads Today!

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